I've listened. Now I'm ready to be your voice.

Let's put Foundations First while Building a Brighter Future

Meet Joaquin: Your Neighbor

A Humble Beginning

Joaquin Martinez was born and raised in the East End. One of 12 kids, he quickly learned to find his voice and to appreciate the value of family, community, and service. Joaquin has many fond memories of his childhood. Weekend activities for the Martinez family included attending church on Sundays, where Joaquin served as an altar boy. He remembers watching his dad coach the local little league baseball team, instilling the importance of team work and leadership at an early age.

Supporting a family of 12 was not easy, but the Martinez family was not alone. Navidad en el Barrio, local school supply drives, and food distributions are just a few of the community-based initiatives Joaquin remembers vividly. Thanks to these programs, Joaquin’s Christmas mornings were a little brighter. He felt prepared for the first day of school and never missed a meal. These activities helped build a strong foundation of faith, family and service to others. For years now, Joaquin has proudly volunteered his time to these very same organizations to support his community and those in need.

A Public Servant at Heart

From passion to profession, Joaquin established a career working to improve his community and the quality of life for Houstonians. Over the years, Joaquin has shared his community-building talent with non-profit organizations such as BakerRipley, Tejano Center, as well as our local government which has given him the opportunity to have a more direct impact on improving our neighborhoods. Joaquin exemplifies leadership that meets the people where they are. This has always been his work ethic. He embodies what it means to be a public servant at heart.

A Vision for the Future

With over a decade of experience in public service, Joaquin has learned the ins and outs of how things really work at the local level. He’s gained the knowledge to understand the process for getting the job done. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we must begin to revisit department processes and how we fund reliable services. This is critical to ensure that your tax dollars are being used responsibly, that city services you pay for operate efficiently and to ensure that city resources are accessible to everyone, not just the few.

For over a decade, Joaquin has been the eyes and ears of the community and now he’s ready to make your voice heard. Whether that means making sure your trash gets picked up on time, that our parks are well maintained and our neighborhoods are safe, as council member, Joaquin will work everyday to improve our community by prioritizing foundations first. Joaquin won’t stop there. He’ll fight for economic development opportunities and make sure that the people of this community reap the benefits. He’ll work to strengthen our workforce, improve housing conditions and support our youth through innovative solutions. Joaquin is committed to building a brighter future for District I. A future in which we all have the opportunity to thrive.

Joaquin's Priorities

Foundations First

Basic Services: Departments that Work for Communities

We can better the quality of life for all when we put basic city services first. In a growing 21st century city, it's important to reevaluate our systems and processes. For instance, the City's Solid Waste Department has experienced significant operational challenges in a post-Harvey and post-Covid environment. Joaquin will work with his council colleagues and the administration to ensure all departments are adequately equipped and staffed.

Public Safety: Community Policing to Reduce Crime

The safety of our community is a top priority for Joaquin. Like many large cities across our country, Houston has experienced an uptick in crime. As a husband and father of four, Joaquin is concerned about the safety of his family and community. As council member, Joaquin will continue to work with local law enforcement partners to ensure they have the necessary tools, training and technology to keep the safety of our community a top priority.

Infrastructure: Improving Communities through Partnership

Over the past decade, Joaquin has overseen Capital Improvement Projects, rehab and maintenance projects as well as TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) projects. District I is home to many of Houston’s oldest communities which for far too long have seen little reinvestment. Joaquin will continue to leverage local, state and federal funds to ensure we continue to deliver more improvements throughout District I.

Joaquin's Vision

Building a Brighter Future

Housing: Quality, Affordable Housing Options for All

Quality affordable housing is critical to the health of our community. To ensure we continue to thrive as a city, it's important that Houston remains a place for all to live, work and succeed. With over a decade of experience in leading housing projects in various capacities, Joaquin recognizes the importance of offering access to housing options. As Houston continues to grow, we must take a purposeful approach to the development of senior, multi and single family housing. Joaquin will work to keep the character of our communities while bringing in quality housing for all.

Education: Building a Strong Workforce through Education

As a parent, Joaquin understands that schools are the bedrock of our community and that receiving a quality education leads to greater opportunities. Although the City of Houston has no jurisdiction over schools, it's important for its leaders to lend a voice and support transformative education opportunities. Joaquin will continue to support local schools and work with colleges and universities to provide a path to a strong workforce for District I.

Environment: Resilient Communities Through Planning & Investment

As we continue to support industries along the port, we must also uphold strong regulations that protect the environment and our fence line communities. Over the years, as a result of court rulings and the repeal of local laws aimed at protecting communities, we have seen a drastic degradation of important environmental laws that protect our air quality, waterways and public health. As council member, Joaquin will do just that -- support moving towards a zero-emissions port while engaging our refineries and labor to become partners in cleaner and more efficient operations that not only protect our environment but help grow our workforce.

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