Foundations First 

BASIC CITY SERVICES: Departments that Work for Communities

We can better the quality of life for all when we put basic city services first.  In a growing 21st century city, it's  important to reevaluate our systems and processes. For instance, the City's Solid Waste Department has experienced significant operational challenges in a post-Harvey and post-Covid environment. Joaquin will work with  his council colleagues and  the administration to ensure all departments are adequately equipped and staffed.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Community Policing to Reduce Crime 

The safety of our community is a top priority for Joaquin. Like many large cities across our country, Houston has experienced an uptick in crime. As a husband and father of four, Joaquin is concerned about the safety of his family and community. As council member, Joaquin will continue to work with local law enforcement partners to ensure they have the necessary tools, training and technology to keep the safety of our community a top priority. 

INFRASTRUCTURE: Improving Communities through Partnership 

Over the past decade, Joaquin has overseen Capital Improvement Projects, rehab and maintenance projects as well as TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) projects. District I is home to many of Houston’s oldest communities which for far too long have seen little reinvestment. Joaquin will continue to leverage local, state and federal funds to ensure we continue to deliver more improvements throughout District I.