Building a Brighter Future 

HOUSING: Quality, Affordable Housing Options for All 

Quality affordable housing is critical to the health of our community. To ensure we continue to thrive as a city, it's important that Houston remains a place for all to live, work and succeed. With over a decade of experience in leading housing projects in various capacities, Joaquin recognizes the importance of offering access to housing options. As Houston continues to grow, we must take a purposeful approach to the development of senior, multi and single family housing. Joaquin will work to keep the character of our communities while bringing in quality housing for all. 

EDUCATION: Building a Strong Workforce through Education 

As a parent, Joaquin understands that schools are the bedrock of our community and that receiving a quality education leads to greater opportunities.  Although the City of Houston has no jurisdiction over schools, it's  important for its leaders to lend a voice and support transformative education opportunities. Joaquin will continue to support local schools and work with colleges and universities to provide a path to a strong workforce for District I. 

ENVIRONMENT: Resilient Communities Through Planning & Investment

As we continue to support industries along the port, we must also uphold strong regulations that protect the environment and our fence line communities. Over the years, as a result of court rulings and  the repeal of local laws aimed at protecting communities, we have seen a drastic degradation of important environmental laws that protect our air quality, waterways and public health. As council member, Joaquin will  do just that -- support moving towards a zero-emissions port while engaging our refineries and labor to become partners in cleaner and  more efficient operations that not only protect our environment but help grow our workforce.